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The articles and information in this section have not been factually altered from the original text or submission; some English spellings have been Americanized.

It is a measure of the way that Tim viewed the world that some fabrications have taken on a life of their own - chauffeur to Sly Stone, the notorious no-show artist? - while other real facts are simply misunderstood, or bended to become self-fulfilling prophesies.

Tim reveled in storytelling - whether it was as a songwriter, musical interpreter or as someone who wanted to push the boundaries of the truth in interviews to see who would bite the hardest, all the while listening to the world around him.

"He loved going into places where they didn’t know him at all," recalled Judy, Tim's second wife and mother of his adopted son Taylor. "I remember going into Hollywood to Molly Malone's on St Patrick’s Day. I know that it’s popular now with younger people, but it wasn’t then. They were older working class Irish.

"It was just amazing. He'd have a couple of Jack Daniels and get up and sing When Irish Eyes Are Smiling and have these old women crying. He loved doing stuff like that, just sitting in and being a part of it. He liked to see what other people were like. He’d get them to tell him stories, and because I had learned that Tim was a 'thief of mouth', I could tell that one of these stories would eventually turn up in a song in the future. That was his way of doing it..."

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