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This website is intended to be an information center and celebration of one of the most talented and unique artists of the 20th Century.

The Estate has gathered together contributions from all over the world and will continue to accept new ones - a enduring tribute to Tim's vision of modern music.

Tim Buckley was a critically acclaimed singer and songwriter whose musical career spanned nine studio albums from 1966 -1974. Since his death in 1975, there have been at least that number again of live recordings and unreleased songs on albums that showcased Tim’s range as a singer, and as a pioneer who pushed musical boundaries as few had done before.

His musical history can be broadly divided into three periods.

First is the conventional view of a Sixties singer-songwriter covered by three albums - Tim Buckley (Elektra -1966), Goodbye and Hello (Elektra - 1967) and Blue Afternoon (Straight/Warner Brothers -1969).

The second period was one of more ambitious musical styling that moved more in the realm of experimental and jazz-tinged music. Lorca (Elektra -1970), Happy/Sad (Elektra - 1968), and Starsailor (Straight/Warner Brothers -1969) are the three studio albums that show Tim’s willingness to forsake the easy path for one far more demanding of musician and listener alike.

Curiously enough, one of Tim’s most popular songs came in this period. Song to the Siren - a little gem that appeared for the first time on disc on Starsailor after debuting on the very last Monkees TV show - has been covered extensively by artistes as diverse as Robert Plant and This Mortal Coil, whose 1998 version has been sampled many times in electronic mixes.

Tim’s final period began in 1972, when a more muscular, funk-tinged version appeared first on Greetings from LA (Straight/Warner Brothers -1971), followed by Sefronia (DiscReet - 1973) and Look at the Fool (DiscReet - 1974).

Tim Buckley’s career was for many years observed solely by fans of one - or all -of his musical phases, although musicians he worked with and others who admired his work always knew that Tim’s willingness to stretch his musical muscles showed how far ahead of his time he really was.

With the exception of Blue Afternoon and Starsailor, Tim’s original albums - plus almost the same number of posthumously-released live albums and others with newly-released tracks - remain in print to this day. Continuing strong worldwide sales show that, while total musical success may have been elusive for him while alive, his musical legacy is as strong and as relevant as ever today.






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