All Interviews on This Page Were Researched And Personally Conducted
By Jack Brolly (a.k.a. Jzero -

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Mary Guibert's Room 109 Chat Session with Author Robert Niemi & Jack Brolly, May 5th, 1999
Stan Agol's Chat Session (recording engineering on Starsailor, Greetings from LA, and Look At The Fool), May 24, 1999 
Interview with Evan Cohen (President of Manifesto Records), November 1999
Interview with Buddy Helm (Tim's drummer from 1972-1975), November 1999
Interview with Jac Holzman (founder of Elektra Records), December 1999
Interview with Lee Underwood (lead guitarist - played on seven of Tim's nine albums), January 2000
Interview with Jerry Yester (production supervisor and producer on Goodbye and Hello and Happy Sad), February 2000
Judy Buckley's Memories of Tim, March 2000
Larry Beckett - Poet and Friend Til the End (wrote lyrics to 1/3 of Tim's songs), April 4, 2000
Evan Cohen, Q&A Session regarding the Indie Music Business & Manifesto's Tribute CD, 2000
Interview with David Browne, author of Dream Brother, The Lives and Music of Jeff and Tim Buckley, February 1, 2001