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Tim Buckley: "An incredibly thin wire -- Dylan thin"
The Haverford News, by Jay Hoster, Friday April 14 1967, p 4


Tim Buckley: His Songs Are Sexier The Second Time Around
by Susan Ahrens, 1967 or 1968


More about Tim Buckley
by Michael Thomas, 1967 or 1968


Pop: Tim Buckley
by Mike Jahn, 1967 or 1968


And God Bless Tim Buckley Too
by Jerry Hopkins, 1967 or 1968, pp 71+, 94


"Don't Call Me a Poet"
Melody Maker, by Tony Wilson, April 13 1968


tim buckley: a nice kindly guy...
Hitweek, by ???, April 19 1968


The Growing Mystique of Tim Buckley
Hit Parader, September 1968, pp 15-16
by Ellen Sander (Databirds@aol.com)


Go Live Your Own Life
New York Times, by Michaela Williams, April 6 1969


Even If You Can't Play Him on the Guitar...
New York Times, BY TIM BUCKLEY, November 22 1970


A Happy Sad Starsailor from Washington D.C.
Zigzag magazine, by ?, early '70s


Buckley: Digging Deeper to the Roots
Melody Maker, UK, by Chris Charlesworth, October 20 1973, pp 18-19


BBC Radio Interview Transcription Rockspeak 1973/74


Melody Maker, UK, by Steve Lake, May 25 1974, pp 47+, 63


Tim Buckley, Rock Star, Is Dead at 28 on Coast
New York Times, July 1 1975


Suspect Arraigned In Death Of Singer
New York Times, July 9 1975


Buckley: A Master In Search of Pupils
Melody Maker, UK, by Steve Lake, July 12 1975, p 45


Tim Buckley 1948-75: Goodbye and Hello (A Personal Tribute to the L.A. Wanderer)
New Musical Express, by Joe Stevens, July 19 1975, pp 38+


Tim Buckley Dead at 28; Murder Charged
Rolling Stone, by Judith Sims, August 14 1975


A Fleeting House
The Music of Tim Buckley: A Retrospective by Mick Houghton, Idris Walters, and Dave Downing
Let It Rock, October 1975, pp 19-21


Stude Gets Probation In Death Of Singer Buckley
LA Times(?), March 10 1976


Penal Aftermath Of Tim Buckley's Death
LA Times(?), March 24 1976


Tim Buckley: Chronicle of a Starsailor
Down Beat, by Lee Underwood, June 16 1977, pp 25+


The Fantastic Voyage of a Starsailor
New Musical Express, by Max Bell, December 22 1979, pp 36-38, 58


Tim Buckley -- Collectable American Singer/Songwriter Whose Music Incorporated Rock, Jazz and Folk Influences
by Brian Hogg


Blue Afternoon: An Appreciation of Tim Buckley
Holding Together, by Steve Watts


Tim Buckley: An Overview
Goldmine, by Stuart Winkles, April 26 1985


Tim Buckley -- The Interview
Goldmine, by Michael Davis, May 1985


Singing the Sixties
The Washingtonian, by Leon Wieseltier, October 1989, pp 67-68


Goodbye & Hello
Musician, by Scott Isler, July 1991, pp 51+


Dream Letters and Other Communications: Tim Buckley Live in Europe 1968
Bucketfull Of Brains, John Platt, 1990-91(?), pp 8-10


The Million-Dollar Bootleg
MOJO, interview by Martin Aston, 1994-95(?), pp 20+


Tim Buckley : The High Flyer
MOJO, UK, by Martin Aston, July 1995, pp 82-92


Tim Buckley : "...the exception to the rule..."
MOJO, UK, by Chrissie Hynde, July 1995, p 90


Tim Buckley : "...talking in tongues..." ['72 Interview]
MOJO, UK, by Steve Turner, July 1995, pp 92+94


God Bless the Child: Jeff Buckley's Search for Salvation
Option, by Sue Peters, July/August 1995, pp 66-70
"father?" "yes, son" "i want to kill you."
Option, by Mark Kemp, July/August 1995, pp 68-69


Tim Buckley
The Rough Guide to Rock (old version)


Talking in Tongues
by Steve Turner


It's a mystery ...

         Uncut, date ?, p 10


The Man that Got Away

         MOJO, by David Peschek, date ?, pp 51-55


Like Father, Like Son?

         MOJO, by David Browne, date ?, p 56


The Making of Grace

         MOJO, by David Browne, date ?, pp 57-58


Dreamy, Driven and Dangerous

         MOJO, by Ben Edmonds, date ?, pp 59-63

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